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The Tenga egg I get from tthe adult shop

In my last post I explained my first visit to an adult shop and in that post I also explained how I purchased an egg shaped male masturbator. The masturbator is called a Tenga Egga and it was green.

Inside the egg shell was an egg that felt like jelly, it was really soft and you could almost squeeze it flat. When we got home my girlfriend decided that she would apply some lubricant to it and slide it down my pole. With egg in hand and lube on cock, she slides it down to the base of my penis. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before; the small nubbles of texture on the inside were intense. She moved her hand up and down slowly and then began to get faster and faster.

After several minutes I felt the urge to cum, everywhere. She could see that I was going to cum and I grabbed the vibrator she purchased, also mentioned in the post from before and turned it on. I slide it into her pussy and she moaned with unexpected pleasure. We were both about to climax when I grabbed her and pushed her onto her back. I thrust my cock into her and began to fuck.

The Tenga egg was pretty good, it was better than just a hand and felt allot more like a real pussy. I would use the egg on my own but if you have a women with you, take advantage if her anatomy and put the silicone away for later. 

My First Visit to an Adult Shop

I am 22 years old and to spite my curiosity, I had never been into an adult shop until recently. I have always been intrigued but never really had the chance because I would hesitate to do it alone and was never near one with someone that I would go in with. My lack of attendance never really disappointed me, but when I got the chance last Saturday morning I embraced it with arms wide open, Creed style.

I was with my girlfriend as we stumbled past our local sex shop on our way to breakfast. I glanced in at the lingerie as we walked by and suggested that we go in after we finish breakfast. My girlfriend agreed and we sat down to a large breakfast of bacon and eggs. I ordered a Turkish coffee to finish the mean. As I finished off the last bit of sludge in the bottom on the small cup, I began to feel a bit of excitement about visiting an adult shop for my first time. So many questions needed to be answered, questions that I had never thought of until now like, what will the people inside be like? Will they want to have sex with me as I walk in? Will they think I’m a virgin? And the most important of all… should I buy something?

We left breakfast and head forth towards the adult shop, my heart began to race as the excitement of world that I have never uncounted became closer and closer to reality. As we walked in there was allot of lingerie and a small hallway to the opening of the shop. There was a backdoor but my girlfriend doesn’t like it in the backdoor so we went in the front. The lingerie was so slutty and well… awesome. As we turned the corner to walk into the shop the backdoor caught our eyes, it was a wall of vibrators and dildos, with vibrators on the left and dildos ranging from smallest to holy shit on the right.

The first thing I said to my girlfriend is ‘I’m going to look at the dildos’ she followed and I was instantly drawn to the biggest one I could see. It was called ‘The great American challenge’ and I just knew, from that instant on that Americans like it up the ass. It wasn’t a race thing or a geographic thing, I just realised that they were so used to taking it up the ass from their government that they needed a giant dildo to satisfy them.

We soon drifted away for the yank pleaser and walked over towards a wall of fetish toys. They looked quiet harmless because I had seen some gross porn in my time and they were using hooks and stuff. The fetish gear in the adult shop looked somewhat normal, with lots of swings and stuff. I decided that one day, when I was wealthy, I would treat my girlfriend to a bondage swing, it’s just the type of guy I am.

My girlfriend picked up a girly looking vibrator and said she was going to buy it. I looked at her and felt my manhood diminishing; I mean what kind of man makes his girlfriend buy her own vibrator. I took it out of her hands and said that I would buy it for her. We decided we should leave and on the way t the counter I was a basket full of what looked like plastic eggs. I picked one up and the skank that was working in the shop asked if I knew what it was, I replied “nope”. She said it was for male masturbation and had one that was out of the shell. She explained that there was a hole in the middle and you slid the egg up and down your penis. They were $15 and I said to the lady “that’s an expensive masturbation session”. She said that you could use the egg about 10 times before you through it out. With my elite maths skills I knew that was $1.50 every time you had crank with the egg. As an investment into pleasure, I decided it was worth a try. I then later though that if this thing is good and I won’t want to masturbate in the future without it, this is going to be costing me around $80 a week and I just don’t have that spare cash laying around.

After our purchases we went home and decided to get the new toys straight out and start playing. My girlfriend loves her new vibrator and she applied a generous amount of lubricant to the egg before sliding it over my joint. I will write another post about how the egg felt.  

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